Membership Annual - NTAREI - North Texas Association of Real Estate Investors

Membership continues for 12 calendar months from date of acceptance.

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The benefits provided to you by your Annual Membership include the following.

Your Financial Benefits of Membership
1. Free admission - to all General Meetings - for you and your spouse (a $480 annual value per couple).
2. Discounted admission ("member price") - for you – for all full day workshops (a $20-$80 savings per event).
3. Half price admission (half of "member price")  - for your spouse - to ALL paid events.
4. Free admission - for your guests who are attending for the first time - to any General Meeting.
5. The option to purchase a Secondary Membership (for a family member or business partner) for just $85. (The financial benefits for a Secondary Members include free admission to the General Meetings, and discounted admission [“member price”] for all full day workshops.)

>>  PLEASE NOTE:  TRAINING SEMINARS NOT INCLUDED. The financial benefits of Annual Membership do not include free or discounted admission to our “educational training seminars”. These seminars are open to the public, and everyone who attends them pays the same admission.

Your Other Benefits of Membership
1. Recognition as a serious and committed professional Real Estate Investor.
2. Support for the Association – to ensure its continued operation and development.
3. Express check-in at all General Meetings, with your own official printed Member Name Badge.
4. Motivation and encouragement from fellow members — to help maintain your active involvement with the investor community – to expand both your knowledge and your networking connections — because you are much more likely to attend the meetings when you have paid for them in advance.
5. The easiest, simplest way to track your expenses for tax deduction purposes. (Your annual membership dues should be tax deductible. Consult your tax preparer.)

Applications for Annual Membership are subject to approval. Membership is revocable (with prorated refund) for actions or conditions deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the association.

NOTE:  Membership Applications (payments) received less than 24 hours before the start of a General Meeting will not be activated in time for that meeting.  (General Meetings start at 6:30 pm on the third Thursday of each month.)

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CONFIRMATION: After you have completed the payment portion, and if your payment was successful, you will immediately see a message which confirms your membership payment. Also, you will then receive a second confirmation, by email, the same day. -- If you do not receive these two confirmation messages, your membership payment was not completed successfully, and you will need to do it again. Please contact us immediately if you have any problem or question - at